3 main mistakes of the beginner model!

Experiments with your look. It’s really cool to find courage in yourself and experiment with your appearance: change the color of your hair from green to orange, get a tattoo, pierce an eyebrow. But for the modeling business – this is not appropriate. Your atypical style will cut down the amount of work to a minimum since today it is a shooting in a classic style, and tomorrow a show in a wedding dress where you’re supposed to be tender and airy.


Wait till the last moment. Trying yourself in the modeling business at the age of 23 is also cool, but not very effective. Everyone knows that models finish the active phase of their work quite early, so while you hesitate – models of your age will already conquer the world podiums.


Excessive independence. We have already talked about the importance of working through the Mother Agency, but we decided to remind you once again:)

Getting started only by yourself is not just very difficult, but also unsafe. To get into some unpleasant adventure is very easy, but getting out of it is not that simple. That is why we need to work through MA, since we work only with trusted companies and brands, and all agreements are official and profitable.