FP Models, originally established as a modeling agency in 2016, currently functions as both an agency and an educator of all-things-fashion.

The FP Models agency exclusively represents the interests and rights of models around the world. Our models have worked in over 35 countries, including the US, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, and other countries across Europe, Asia, and the CIS region.

FP Models Classes: Starting from 2016, we have been engaged in professional training and, over the years, assisted many in becoming successful models and fashion professionals. Our methods are focused on high-quality work on a global scale. Furthermore, we ensure that our speakers and coaches are top professionals in their fields. Such professionals include experienced models, actors, photographers, stylists, designers, PR specialists, agents, and casting directors. As a result, our graduates understand the fashion industry inside-out, which ultimately contributes to a thorough understanding of how to work as a model or fashion professional in collaboration with agencies/clients.