And now about the main thing: knowledge of English = success in the modeling business

Of course, if you know English, you are open to cooperation with top customers around the world. You will be able to freely communicate with them, understand the tasks, working conditions and support any conversation. Believe me, this is not just appreciated, it is a straight necessity for work in Europe and America. Asia is not so demanding on knowledge of the English language, but still ..

It’s already for a long time, everyone desire to hire models with a good personality and very friendly demeanor.  It’s hard to show your human qualities if you don’t know how to maintain at least some small talks. Such conversations appears to be a compulsory component, as an informal part of any event or even shooting/show. The model should be able to captivate with conversation and its manners, behavior. After all, there are a lot of beautiful people, but smart, educated and sincere ones would be much difficult to find. And, of course, it will be complicated to charm someone if you cannot convey your thoughts 

Do you want to self-develop in modeling?  Most TV programs and lectures are presented in English, so it’s in your interests to understand everything