Can piercing and models co-exist?

We have already told you about tattoos at models’ bodies, the toe is a time to talk about piercing.  

About 10 years about even extravagant models couldn’t do more, that pierced ears or a belly button. It produces an idea, that you have fewer chances for success if you have something like this.


There is good news – there is no need to abandon the piercing. 


This theory has proofs – some of the big names in modeling businesses now have some piercings and it doesn’t slow down their careers. Also, these models became more known due to earrings. Let’s remember Cara Delevil, who usually has a lot of accessories in her ears and pierced tongue. 


But you should understand which kind of business you came into. Bear in mind, that you shouldn’t hide your piercing from your employers, because it’s an important part of your appearance. They can easily understand do you match them or no.