Do you want to know what’s the difference between snapshots and model tests?

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In order to understand the difference, let’s deal with each concept:

▪️Snapshots – this is basically a model passport. A basic set of photos that shows the appearance, the figure so that the client might have an understanding of how the model looks without makeup, in underwear, whether there is a tattoo, rashes and the like. Angles: height, portrait and three quarters. The model rotates around its axis, stopping full-face, ⅔, profile, and back. As a rule, catwalk, posing and intro model videos are shoot along with snapshots.

 ⠀ ▪️Model tests – this is such a performance test for the model. Usually, these photos are taken by a photographer in order to reveal the model potential of “simply a beautiful girl”.  In these pictures, you, as a beginner model, must show the ability to keep an image, change emotions and work quickly.

Remember that well-made snapshots and successful model tests are the keys to your successful career as a model