The FP Community knows the importance of networking - it is everything in Dubai!

The participants of the community are people from the fashion industry, students and models from our own agency. The guests we invite for masterclasses are creatives from the fashion industry, who share their own experiences and knowledge.

Every month community members will:

  • Attend 1 photoshoot to add to the portfolio of your choice (we’ll offer a choice of shoots every month for you to pick from).
  • Attend all community events (workshops, classes, dinners, etc).
  • Network with other members of the closed fashion community.
  • Receive special offers and discounts from our partners (fashion brands, beauty services, restaurants, etc).


Welcome Rayan


Rayan Salah Eddine Kerrami

Nationality: Moroccan
Current location: Dubai
Occupation: Public Relations Manager
Hobbies: Fashion, modeling, sports (gym), traveling, music, adventure
Motto for life: If you believe in yourself, anything is possible
Instagram: @Rayaan.ker
Snapchat: rayanmorocco

"Hello everyone! My name is Rayan, you can call me Rayano if you want. I’m so happy to be part of this fashion community. Fashion has always been my first passion since I was a child and I hope to develop more in this field because there are many people who follow me and consider me a role model and influencer. I feel that this gives me greater responsibility to succeed, make everyone proud of me, and most importantly, have the opportunity to get to know all of you. It is a beautiful thing to be among other talented people who share my ambitions and dreams. That's all I want and I'm very happy for you and wish you all good luck!”

Welcome Resti Mahesa\Liza


Resti Mahesa

Nationality: Indonesian
Current location: Dubai
Occupation: Entrepreneur, Assistant Manager at Labor Agency
Hobbies: Cooking, walk at night, shopping online for make different outfits everyday
Motto for life: “keep calm without fighting is the best part of life”
Instagram: @lizamahesa7

“Hey guys my name is Liza, this name is not real but this name the given name of someone extraordinary in my life,I’m so excited and fall in love about fashion and design this is what I’m joining with FP models also I’m so happy to be in with FP community great to meeting new friends become more experienced so fun this is without from my expectations if I’m will be here it’s really something special in my life and be always build your dream becoming a big model.”

Welcome Ogunjimi Lade


Ogunjimi Lade

Nationality: Nigerian
Current location: Dubai
Occupation: Makeup Artist\Fashion Model
Hobbies: Music, Traveling, working
Motto for life: Believe you can and you're halfway there
Instagram: @demiilade__

“Hello beautiful people, I’m Demilade and i feel so good to be part of this amazing community,I’m also eager to learn and grow as a model.I’m looking forward to working and having fun and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes us”

Welcome Mohamed Alshamsi


Mohamed Alshamsi

Nationality: UAE
Current location: Sharjah
Occupation: Governmental officer
Hobbies: Visual design, Reading and Fashion
Motto for life: No matter how negatively somebody treats you, remember to always be the better person.
Instagram: @theemultiartist

“Hello everyone, I’m Mohamed who could also be called ‘MO’ since we are many MOs and like to confuse people! but I’m the ONE who graduated from art schools in the Netherlands and New Zealand. I’m specialized in the Creative Industries and currently pursuing a modeling career in fashion ad campaigns, e-commerce, editorials, lifestyle and print publications. Bottega Veneta and Loewe are my favourite brands ever, I love plants too! Ok enough for now, I’m so happy to be part of the FP community.”

Welcome Ridwanul Bari


Ridwanul Bari

Nationality: Bangladesh
Current location: Sharjah
Occupation: Business
Hobbies: Watching movies, walking on the beach, travelling and road trips.
Motto for life: Live and let live
Instagram: @ridwanulbari

“Hey, I am Ridwan or Bari. Always up for a hangout. I don't take life very seriously. Take everyday as it comes and try to enjoy every moments. Don't want much, don't regret much"

Welcome Abdullah Ghafouri


Abod Ghafouri

Nationality: Iranian
Current location: Dubai
Occupation: Business, a wholesaler
Hobbies: Every day I take photos, make vlogs, and release
Motto for life: Remind yourself that no one is like you, it is you who creates your own model and style
Instagram: @abod.ghafouri

Welcome Tina Timofti


Tina Timofti

Nationality: Romanian
Current location: Dubai
Occupation: Designer
Hobbies: tennis , yoga, meditation, gym, music , dance, cooking
Motto for life: Be grateful and thankful for every second of life
Instagram: @Tina_timofti_

“Hello! I’m a joyful, free spirit , who discovers this life through this physical body , felling guided and living life in abundance”

Welcome Tatiana Tikhonova


Tatiana Tikhonova

Nationality: Russian
Current location: Dubai
Occupation: Account & Project manager
Hobbies: Yoga & Meditation
Motto for life: Each experience is crucial. It doesn't make us who we are, but it gives us an understanding of what to do next.
Instagram: @janetanya

“I am very excited to work with such an inspiring community. I also do believe that my experience will be valuable for others”

Welcome Jana Delport


Jana Delport

Nationality: South Africa
Current location: Dubai
Occupation: I have a corporate position in a company that manages 46 schools across the UAE
Hobbies: Shopping, travel, modelling, beach activities
Motto for life: Learn to love and appreciate yourself. You got yourself where you are today. Treat yourself like a celebrity, then you’ll get treated like royalty by others.
Instagram: @janadelpor.t

Welcome Hend Mohamed


Hend Mohamed

Nationality: Egyptian
Current location: Dubai
Occupation: Software Engineer & Fashion Model
Hobbies: Modeling, Traveling, Dancing, Tennis, Yoga, Gym
Motto for life: The challenged life is the best therapy to be a better version of you.
Instagram: @hendmodel.official

"I am inspired by such a great community and I am extremely happy to be a part of it. I am a social person who is always open to hanging out and attending meetups. I am a passionate traveler at heart and I love to enjoy the life with all its aspects and capturing beautiful moments for future memories. Let's create these memories together! "

Welcome Daria Svetlakova


Daria Svetlakova

Nationality: Russian
Current location: Dubai
Occupation: Financial broker and Stock exchange trader
Hobbies: Psychology, anti-aging, biohacking, art, improv
Motto for life: Enjoy your life!
Instagram: @dxb.daria


  • networking with other members and special guests from the fashion Industry
  • receive new photos for your portfolio and social media each month
  • invites to fashion industry events multiple times each month
  • discounts from partner brands
  • Ask questions and chat with other members to build a strong network.


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Beach Photoshoot


3 months access to the fashion community
2400 AED + VAT
6 months access to the fashion community
4500 AED + VAT (300 AED saving)
12 months access to the fashion community
8700 AED + VAT (600 AED saving)