Haute couture. What does it mean and why every model needs to know about it?

«Haute Couture» is synonymous with the concept of «high fashion». These two concepts are usually referred to as a sewing fashion of the highest craftsmanship of the best fashion houses and world-famous designers.


But if you know French, you guessed it even before our explanation.  And all because that in the language of love “haute couture”, means “high sewing”.  By the way, Russian “haute couture” was formed from this term, obviously.


But how to distinguish that this particular thing is really “haute couture”?  Well, that’s easy!  The Paris Syndicate literally writes about it on the wall that this can only be said about items that are made at least 70% by hand and only from special fabrics of the highest quality.

Now you know even more about the world of fashion!  But that’s not all, so stay tuned with FP models and then you will get to know everything that a real model needs to know.