How can you get ready for online shooting?

Quarantine is not a reason to refuse work. You should prepare for your shooting, even if it is FaceTime one. By the way some famous brands and models have done such shootings as campaigns. The result was as good as in the common shootings. That’s why you can do that too!

The thing is really worth out attention is a technical component. The front camera of your smartphone and laptop’s web camera the only thing you need. It will be rather good if you use camera with the high screen resolution because you’ll get the high quality photos, almost as good as the camera ones. And now it’s time to prepare your location. Any place of your house can become a professional photo studio. It can be a common monotonous wall, armchair or sofa – the choice is unlimited.

The same deal we have with the clothing. Today you are the main stylist of the shootings and only you can choose what to wear.

If you are well prepared for posing, you are almost certain to get some cool shots. Choose your pose in advance, find some references for yourself and have a conversation with your photographer. Together you’ll realize your plan in the life.