How do famous models prepare for fashion shows?

All of us have heard more than once about players preparing for the Champions League final, hockey players and boxers before the fights for the Stanley Cup. Are models worse or something? Definitely not!


And the number one proof is everyone’s favorite Gigi Hadid. A week before the important fashion show, she tries to wash her hair as rare as possible and refuses all sorts of masks and balms. But at the same time moisturizes the skin a lot, most frequent a few days before the show, so that make-up artists would be easier to work with her face.


Martha Hunt, another Victoria’s Secret angel, also has developed a few before the fashion show rules. For example, a week before the show, Martha consumes only proteins, vegetables and a lot of freshly squeezed juices, which make her skin as healthy and her tummy as flat as they can be.


But her colleague Jasmine Tux before each fashion week, on the contrary, focuses on the sprint. The model is indifferent to running and prefers strength exercises more, but if you want your legs to be in good shape there’s no way to get along without running.