How to appear taller in the frame? ⠀

As Kate Moss’s experience shows, not all models have a standard supermodel height of 170 cm.


But on the other hand, they squeeze the maximum out of their parameters and use tricks, thanks to which they look 10 centimeters taller in shoots than they really are.

What are we talking about? Here it is:

▪️Pull your shoulders back and do not forget about posture – this is the basis of every pose.

▪️Fill the frame with amplitude movements as much as possible. The more you are in the frame, the taller you seem.

▪️Wide step visually lengthens the legs: this life hack is perfect for photos in motion.

▪️ Follow the position of your neck. It is better to pre-practice and see in which position it will look the best.

▪️The head shouldn’t be too tilted forward so that your neck will not be hidden in the shoot.