How to understand that modeling is for you?

We offer to pass a short test: we’ll check which of the above-mentioned is about you. Okay, so you’re:

 ▪️sizing your type of appearance in a healthy way;

 ▪️ have an understanding of what particular market you might be able to work with (If you can identify it by yourself – that’s awesome! If no – then come to a modeling agency, they will help you)

 ▪️stress-resistant, ready for frequent flights and changes of scenery;

 ▪️ not a moody personality and easily can adapt to new tasks and conditions;

 ▪️open to modeling sphere – you must have a desire and time for long-term work;

 ▪️ receive support from your parents if you are under the age of 18;

 ▪️ having a desire to lead a healthy lifestyle. ⠀

Do all previously mentioned items fit you?  So what are you waiting for? 

If you already realized that modeling is not just entertainment, but a real chance to succeed and earn money, then you have every chance to become a model and fly on a contract to the country of your dream