Makeup trends: the use of Cruelty-Free cosmetics

Animal products used for cosmetic procedures since the milk bathrooms for Cleopatra, but nowadays people are going to change it. We have all signs, which lead to the revolution in vegetarian cosmetics and it happens in front of our eyes.


Vegetarian cosmetics are going through the boom: most brands started to abandon animal products. Roots of this tendency were seen even 3 years ago. 2016 became a year when Kat Von D announced that reformulate all her products into vegetarian ones 


This year the popular brand Unilever Dove also get a certificate PETA without cruelty — it’s an abandonment of testing cosmetics on animals. 


But it’s important to be careful with this trend if you support this idea. Brands may hide the components with animal products or their belonging to the big cosmetic conglomerate, which tests on animals. 


The only way to be sure where your makeup is vegan or not — read labels very attentively. You shouldn’t even be a vegan to use vegan cosmetics.