Modeling in Indonesia

Indonesia is a country, which is known in modeling the world with its creativity and a huge amount of abilities to develop your abilities. What are we talking about? 


Portfolio The contract in Indonesia is an amazing way to diversify your book with unusual photos. Also, fashion-videos are loved in this country, so it will add value to you.


Experience of work with worldwide publishing Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Elle, Marie Claire, L’officiel, Cosmopolitan, Joy, Female.


Shootings for catalogs of clothes and accessories. You will learn how to work wit different clothes in Indonesia. 


Fashion-shows. They are going to the best level here!


After your work in the Indonesia podium will no longer difficult for you.  


But! You should be ready for the humid climate and the difficult mentality of Indonesians.


If you’ll deal with it — you’ll become stronger!