Modeling portfolio

Modeling portfolio (a book) is a set of professional photographs in which the main objective is to show the appearance of a model, her/his ability to transform in different images, photos that maximize your assets and covers up weaknesses.

A portfolio is created according to certain rules and consists of a mandatory and arbitrary part. A complete book must include snapshots, model tests, photos in the style of fashion and beauty, publications, images of the runway shows and advertising shootings.

Model tests are photos with soft and/or harsh (contrast) light. It helps to represent the type of model appearance, her ability to pose, play, impersonate – in a word, reveal her professional talents.

 ⭕️ the portfolio must be regularly replenished so that it is always up to date and reflects your current appearance. If you decide to radically change your image (for example, to dye your hair or have a short haircut) – this is a good reason to update your portfolio.

 ⭕️ in order to create a complete portfolio, the model must have an experience of shootings with different photographers. Each has his own vision and his own style, each will reveal her image and reflect her personality in her own way. If the model was shot by only one photographer, then the risk of being presented in the photo from a one-sided perspective increases.