Modelling in Turkey

A series of posts about different markets of model work continues. Today we’re presenting educational programs about Turkey. Let’s go!

The first thing you need to know – is that the modeling business of Turkey develops as fast as Europian.

The textile industry, tailoring, and production goods from leather thrive and that means that here’s enough quantity of modeling work.

Economical situation of the country also influences modeling that’s why competition here is high and the market isn’t able to apply everyone. Often people think vice versa and perceive Turkey as a second-sorted market. Requirements in general are: height from 174 cm, size of clothes – 36-38. But for other parameters, it’s more complicated to find work. But, how strange it is in Turkey more often you can meet fashion models at fashion weeks, in magazines, in advertisements.

The main distinction with the europian market is that in Turkey bright appearance is appreciated a lot.

It’s okay to attend castings with bright make-up and with strange clothes to draw attention. But you can get used to it too.

One more advantage of working in Turkey is an initiation to another east culture. Yes, and everybody treats with respect and attention to models that confirm professionalism and denies all the rumors about a modeling business in that country.

Maybe you think about wearing a hijab because Turkey is a Muslim country. You aren’t made to wear it, of course. Only if you take part in an advertisement campaign.