Podium step secrets

Are you a beautiful, tall girl with excellent parameters for the modeling business? But there is one problem: you can’t walk beautifully? That’s no longer a problem! FP models shares recommendations for your confident walk ⠀

In order to learn to walk, you must first learn to stand. Preferably just like a supermodel. Bring your shoulders back and down, and move your hips forward a little. It shouldn’t feel like you are standing in an uncomfortable position, you should keep your balance well, imagine that there is a book on your head and you need to confidently balance so that it does not fall ⠀

Place one foot in a straight line with the other. You should walk like along a straight line, and the movements will be like a zigzag. When you learn to do this quickly and naturally, such steps will give your body its characteristic vibrations. But make sure that your ankles do not touch or bump into each other. It hurts and can cause a fall. But the main thing is not to get used to it ⠀

Make your steps long and expressive. Raise your leg high enough (with a bend at the knee) and place it at a sufficient distance in front of the second. Don’t take too wide steps, it will make you look awkward. But steps like a child’s will not work here either. And add your hips! It’s hard to describe, but you’ll figure it out in the process ⠀

Look straight ahead in front of you. Try smiling with your eyes. Lift your chin up, your eyes look over the heads of the audience, hold your head and shoulders as if you are walking along a podium tilted forward. Do not swing your shoulders or make unnecessary movements with your hands. At the same time, the hips should swing a little, this will take some practice. Follow the music, along with the change in its tempo, the tempo of your steps also changes