The preparations for the first show

Yes, it’s one of the bright moments in your career — the possibility to demonstrate a new collection of a famous designer. But if you had never walked on the podium, the stage appearance in front of sounds of people and sparkling lights of cameras may frighten. 


Practice before the stage appearance and assess the podium during the repetition. Do you remember, that repetition is an integral part of any show?


Here are some pieces of advice for your walk:⠀


Pay attention to your posture —you should demonstrate the collection with a proud

make long steps and pay attention, that each of your legs will be placed at one line with each other;

try to walk with different music in advance —it will add confidence for you and teach you how to work with a rhythm;

pay attention to the distance between you and a previous model, don’t be in a hurry and don’t lag behind.

And don’t worry! Self-confidence is your main preference!