We are always curious to observe the everyday lifestyle of famous models.

They don’t always work, do they?

Especially now, when there is so much time that you can devote to yourself and your development, even top models devote several hours to reading. I wonder what exactly do they read?

Emily Ratajkowski, for example, loves intellectual books and is currently reading “White Girls”. The book has not yet been translated into Russian, so this is a great chance to improve your English 

Candice Swanepoel loves science fiction and novels, so her current recommendation is «The Ocean at the End of the Lane» by Neil Gaiman. In the protagonist of this book, you can easily guess an author, so you can learn more about the main storyteller of our time 

Russian top-model Sasha Luss is now reading the Irish classic Bernard Shaw.  Her choice fell on the pearl of art creation, the author of “Aerial Football: The New Game.»