What do top models become after their model career is over?

The model’s career comes to a logical end at the age of 25-27 years (with the exception of top models, models with regular customers, as well as those who look young enough), but life does not end there. On the contrary, models find themselves in new endeavors.


Actresses. The work of the model is quite multitasking and it also includes acting skills. They not only have to correctly convey the emotion in the photographs but also models often have the opportunity to appear in commercials or attend TV shows. That is why many models discover their own acting abilities, such as Cara Delevingne, Cameron Diaz, Charlize Theron.


Designers. The main task of models is to successfully sell a thing with the help of your picture. Therefore, we would not deny the fact that over time they all become real experts in the field of fashion and style. And there are more and more cases when after completing a career, models become successful designers, for example, Victoria Beckham, Cindy Crawford. ⠀

Photographers. A good angle, the right light, an advantageous posture – they know everything about it! And it is not surprising that some of them go into the craft of photography because of this and are already on the other side of the camera. So once Ellen von Unvert did.