What does “the universal model” means and how to become it?

Probably, you’ve already heard the term “the universal model” and even think, that this way of work is easy. But it requires much more than it seems. 

You know, that universal models should have balances, proportional and symmetrical bodies with standard sizes for the category he or she belongs to. But it’s not the end.

It’s important to remember that the model’s appearance represents the client’s ones. How to become universal? Firstly, you should know your parameters and fashion tendencies. Also, it’s a work with a model agency, the knowledge about their requirements, and photographer’s requests. So as much you work, as more profitable will be your candidate of “the universal model”.


Also, there is no need to go to the big market of clothes making, because not so huge cities and countries also require mode and more universality as for mass-market, as for a high fashion. It can be explained: there are no benefits to hire expensive models and sew new clothes for them now. That’s why small markets are your big plus.