What Gianni Versace have made for fashion world?

First of all, he created worldwide-famous brand Versace but that’s not the end.

Family and colleagues loved him for commercial acumen, bravery, and the ability to please everyone.

Versace connected fashion with pop-music: he understood that cinema and the stage it’s one more advertising platform. Famous performers started to wear designer clothes at the stage exactly because of him.

One more his merit – popularization of frank sexuality. The anatomic incision on dresses, stiletto heels, tight-fitting clothes – all of that became fashionable for years and years and do not stops to be actual when it’s about the beauty of the body in advertisement campaigns. Leggings instead of pants – it’s one more Versace’s idea. A combination of “leggings + stiletto heals” became a trend for years. And let’s not forget about prints – as brighter and pretentious – that better.

And yeah – top-models became top-models because of Versace too. He’ve been inviting photographers to the backstage of shows, been giving interviews to journalists standing in the frame with his favorite models, walked out to the public after the show, hugging his maneken-girls. In general, he tried to do his best for girls to become famous.