What should you take with you on the plane?

Models often fly and if you’re waiting for your first flight, this list of important things to take, which we prepared for you.


Snacks. Even if your flight will last for 2-3 hours, you may become hungry. Take something with you: nuts, fruits, sandwiches. 


Medicines. If you have those, which you’re obliged to take, take them with you. (Customs) officers will not have any questions, if the package of your pill will be new and you will also have the instruction for them. 


Cosmetics. We are sure, you’ll want to look precious after a flight. Remember, that you can take only “dry” cosmetics: eye shadows, mascara, a pen for eyes/lips, blush, face powder. 


Personal hygiene. This point you should check on your airline rules because all of them allow you to take a toothbrush, but a toothpaste may be forbidden. You may and even should take wet wipes, hairbrushes, and rubber bands.