Which types of photos should you present for a model agency?

You know, how you should look at the photo, people talk and write a lot about it. But not every model knows which photos to choose. 


If you’re a beginner model or you already have a huge experience, you need a portfolio, which consists of your photos, and will present you as a model all over the world. Good and well-qualified photos rise your chances to collaborate with big agencies and well-known employers. 


What about diversity? Separate photos of your face and body are the minimum, which you should present. It’s desirable to add photos, where you’re happy and have a neutral emotional state. You can risk and send photos of your emotions this is how an employer can be sure, that you have a wide range of emotions. Forget about “your work side”, show both right and left. 


If you feel comfortable in a swimsuit, add these photos (snaps) too. Don’t overdo it, no one wants nudes from you. 


In addition to photos, don’t forget to point your contacts via which they will have a chance to get in touch and make a proposal about collaboration. It will be a plus, if you describe your distinctive features, like freckles or visible tattoos.