Why Asia is an important market for new models?

The Asian market is the biggest it amounts and, so to say, the most available for beginner models. Of course, the work in different Asian regions may differ, but to say generically, criteria to models aren’t overstated.


For example, in contrast to Europe, there is no requirement in fluent English and powerful book. Of course, it has an influence on the contract conditions, the level of hosted agency, the number of works, castings’ results, etc., but you still have the possibility to get a contract. In such countries as Korea, Japan, Taiwan may work models from 14 years! 


These markets are a great variant for beginners because there are good, loyal and often careful attitudes to models, the possibility to make great photos, which may suit the European market and, of course, earn a lot of money! 


China is a huge market with different provinces and cities. It’s possible to have a good guarantee if you have a powerful portfolio. But work in China maybe not so easy. You should be morally ready for a specific mentality of Chinese.